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About Us

Ojemba was founded to solve two problems. To identify, train and create employment opportunities for the most talented individuals in Africa, and secondly to help fill the gap that exists within the software industry across Europe.

We provide a 6-month training program and offer our graduates demanding jobs in the IT industry. Our training is designed to have our graduates well-equipped with technical, methodological, and intercultural knowledge to start a successful career in tech. The USP of the Ojemba training is a strong focus on laying the fundamentals you need to become an excellent developer regardless of the technology, such as clean code, good code architecture, and test-driven development combined with practical development work. Our trainees work in teams on real customer projects of international clients and are closely mentored by very experienced tech experts. This is how we believe to make the training most effective. 

Once done, graduates are offered jobs collaborating with renowned European and soon also African companies – this however is not a must for any graduate.



We aim to be a leader in connecting Africa’s top software talent with rewarding project opportunities and helping companies succeed in software development. Our vision is to create a world where the potential of Africa’s young professionals is recognized and celebrated, and where their contributions to the tech industry are valued and impactful.



We empower young software professionals in Africa by closing the skills gap and providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed in the global tech industry.



Our pursuit for excellence drives us to train talent that will build software to the highest German engineering standards


Our goal is to reach the most talented individuals across the African continent, upskill and empower them with the best working standards


Our approach is based on mutual trust and respect. We embody a culture of collaboration, cooperation, and community

Beyond Politics:

We value honesty, respect, and transparency. We’re a data-driven organisation that aims to minimise bias in decision-making.

A Partnership with MaibornWolff

Ojemba is a partnership with MaibornWolff, a software company with over 30 years of experience in the German IT market. 

MaibornWolff has been inspiring clients from all industries in IT consulting, software engineering, and test management for over 30 years. These include well-known companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Deutsche Bahn, Miele, SMA Solar, Sonax, and STIHL.

Learn more about MaibornWolff here.

Some of our Clients