Building African Tech Teams for Global Companies

Complete our structured training programme, and secure a job in the global IT industry

About Ojemba

Ojemba provides high-end software development services to large corporate clients, based mainly in Europe.

We focus on industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and industrial service providers.

We partner with MaibornWolff, which is one of Germany’s leading IT service providers, with over 30 years of experience and over 900 employees.

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Ojemba Traineeship Programme

Participants can expect high-quality training, lots of practical exercises, and mentoring from German-based industry professionals. Our training programme is built on years of experience in the global IT industry and market research on what top employers are looking for. 

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German-SWE Standards

We train you on the highest standards of software engineering

Job Opportunity

Participants who successfully complete all phases of the traineeship will be offered a permanent position with Ojemba.

Free Training

We’re focused in discovering the most talented and ambitious individuals in Africa

Community Support

We pair you with professionals and inspiring peers to assist you in your learning and development

Traineeship Stipend

Trainees will receive an allowance for the duration of the squad learning, fit for the project, and live project phases of the training.

Salary & Benefits

Working in a large software development company ensures a stable salary with great job security and benefits such as private health insurance.

Your Journey With Us

Ojemba’s mission is to enable you on a clear path to success: That’s why we’ve designed steps to help you see where you are and where you’re going.

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Squad Learning

Our core curriculum will emphasize the principles of clean code and pair programming


Fit for

You will work on project simulations supervised by senior Maiborn Wolff developers 



Client projects will be used to give participants hands-on work experience.


Job Placement

Those who make it to the end will be placed on projects with European clients

What We Teach

We provide the most robust curriculum that gives our learners all the tools they require to
succeed in a competitive jobs market.

Continue reading to learn more.

Frontend Stack

And more

Backend Stack

And more


Cloud Foundation
Secure Programming
And more

Quality Assurance

Modular Coding
Test Driven Development
Unit Testing
And more

System Architecture

Micro Service Foundation
Hexagonal & Onion Architecture
And more

Efficient Programming

Clean Code
Pair Programming
Agile Development
And more

Who Can Apply?

Individuals with strong foundations in software development.
Preference for individuals who can relocate to Kigali, Rwanda during the Squad learning phase of the training.
Must be 18+ and able to start work after the training
Need to bring your own computer
Must be fluent in written and spoken English

Key Dates

Application Deadline
28th April 2023
Preparatory Training
6th May 2023
Squad Training (in person)
10th July 2023
Fit for Project (in person )
October 2023
December 2023


What previous programming experience do you require?

We expect you to have very good software development foundations. In particular you need to have a good level in JavaScript. Typically, applicants will have completed a bootcamp (e.g. Microverse, Moringa School) or a similar program (e.g. Andela Technical Leadership Program). Or they will have gained the equivalent level through intensive self-study and practical project work.

I am still studying, can I join the programme?
The traineeship is full-time program, expecting you to invest at least 10 hours of studying and project work per day. It is extremely intense and time consuming. You will not have the time to pursue university studies or other trainings or occupations in parallel to it.
I don’t have programming experience, can I join your program?

You need to have very solid foundations in software development in order to apply to this program. Work experience as a software developer is not required. But the level of a coding bootcamp or an equivalent level reached through self-study is a prerequisite.

I just completed another training programme, can I join Ojemba?

Absolutely, as long as you're keen and open to learning new skills, we welcome those with existing programming experience either through school or other training programmes.

I don’t live in Africa, can I join Ojemba?

The Ojemba programme is designed specifically for up-skilling and providing African's with career opportunities in the global IT industry.

What does the training cost?


Ojemba provides a free training programme for interested participants.

Will I receive a certificate after completing the Ojemba training?

Yes, all participants who successfully complete the Ojemba training programme will be issued a certificate of completion.

Is the training remote or onsite?

The "preparatory training" part of the training can take place remotely, however, you will be required to attend in-person training in Kigali from the Squad phase.

How will I pay for the on-site training?

All participants who make it to the squad phase will be given a monthly learning allowance to help with travel.


Cost of accommodation and other relocation will be your responsibility.

Will I get a job after I graduate?


All successful graduates will be hired as full-time software engineers by Ojemba.

How much time do I need to commit?

To achieve the desired learning outcomes, participants are expected to commit at least 10 hours per day from the squad phase of the training. 

Soft skills trainnig

At every stage of your learning with us, soft skills training will be integrated to build your communication, public speaking, inter-personal, presentation, time management and leadership skills.